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Meet The Band





Rob joined his first Ska band at the tender age of 14, he’s a seasoned performer on the live music circuit and is thrilled to front SKALECTRICS


“I’m only happy when I’m skanking"


Rob's other interests include restoring and riding Lambretta scooters, motorcycling and watching footy!




Tom is the musical director of the SKAlectrics. He combines his work and his love of music by running a company that sells guitar pedals and studio gear.


"I started playing guitar and piano as a kid and have loved it ever since. Music always has and always will be my passion. 

The SKAlectrics is one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on. Great music and great fun. Our audience is what really makes this band special."

TOM is a also a bit of a tech nerd and avid SPURS FAN (someone has to!)



 Landlord of the Dolphin Inn in Middleton Cheney, Neil is the founding member of the SKAlectrics. 


"I've been into SKA since 1979. For years now I've wanted to play with a SKA band. In the end I decided to start my own! 

My idol - John Bradbury, the king of the rim shots 

- RIP"

Neil also loves all things 'Jack Daniels' and is an avid Collector of SKA merchandise. His pub near banbury is a great local venue to watch free live music. 


Click here for details




"JOHN THE BASS" is our resident bassist and all round promotions guru.

"I have played in several bands over the years and have a keen interest in many styles of music. I love the bass lines associated with Ska. During our gigs, the SKAlectrics consistently get the crowd up on their feet. The SKAlectrics are great fun to watch and a pleasure to play with."




Rhys 'the Welsh wizard' Owens is the bands resident trumpet player.


Rhys is a teacher, rugby fan and keen sportsman but too disorganised to write his own biog!  



Dionne has played sax in many bands covering funk, soul, rock and jazz and has performed at some prestigious venues and festivals including for The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford and Birmingham Jazz Festival. 

“I love this music - the beat takes hold and you can't keep still. And the emotions and memories music can evoke - a particular tune can transport you instantly back to a place and time long ago. Madness or Bad Manners certainly take me back to the school disco or watching Top of the Pops. Great times and fab tunes - just try and stand still.”

NICK Jasko 



Nick Is the newest member of the band and we are thrilled to have him as our new keys player

"I connected with the ‘2 Tone’ bands in the late 70’s and 80’s and would often focus on playing this music on the piano rather than my classical stuff, to my piano teachers disgust! One of my first ever albums I bought as a kid was One Step Beyond. I remember using two home cassette tape recorders to produce  my first ever ‘solo multitrack’ recording of ‘Swan Lake’…it was a bit crude…but I was proud of it! Playing with the SKAlectrics transports me back to my youth, they play classic songs, with the sound and energy that will make you want to get up and STOMP!"   



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