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Last Time at our spiritual home - The dolphin inn

This weekend will mark a sad day for the SKAlectrics as our drummer, Neil, bids farewell to the local pub he has run for the last 15 years. The Dolphin Inn in Middleton Cheney has become the bands spiritual home since our first jam together there back in 2015. Since then, it has been our rehearsal space, local hangout and popular gig venue including some great times at it's annual Dolphinfest.

I think the locals will agree with us when we say the village has been lucky to have him. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the pub is a great place to spend time and has been a key venue for local bands to play.

Please come and join us on Sunday 12th January for a farewell gig and Neil's last day. Get the landlord a drink, he has earned it! We are playing from 4pm (an early finish as we expect Neil won't be standing by the end of the night!)

Congratulations Neil on the success of the pub for the past 15 years. Good luck!

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